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May 25, 2011
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All That I Need by SteppingOnStarlight All That I Need by SteppingOnStarlight
Now all that I need is all I see in you
And only you...

Deepest Blue - Give It Away

Sly and Carmelita have been my favourite couple in video games ever since I first played Sly years ago. Their relationship makes me smile because they obviously have feelings for each other (though Sly shows it more than Carmelita does), but it's kinda sad that they just can't be together because they're on opposite sides of the law. That's why I love the ending of the third game so much! :)

Anyway, after being inspired by a song, I decided to draw them together in Paris from the second game, which happens to be my favourite level in the series. I'm quite happy with how I drew and coloured the background...and so I should be, because I sat there and left the game running while I stared at the environments to sketch them down! I had wanted to write a story for this as well, but I'm a terrible writer so my friend ~PocketDreams helped me out (thank you!).

The scanner didn't maul my drawing as badly as it usually does...could have been a better scan but it's better than usual, lmao. Maybe I should use pencils more often, because it seems to be markers that the scanner has a problem with.

Anyway, enjoy!


It was such a beautiful evening patrolling under the Paris stars and mellow wisps of cloud. The aromas of rich foreign cuisine that permeated the walls and streets laid on a fresh coating as they escaped from kitchen windows into the air. The city was alive but strangely still at the same time, and it easily enveloped the Spanish fox with its romantic charm. Although she was here on business, she wished there was one city without its thieves or criminals and that it could be this one - then, it would have been perfect.

Sort of like her feelings towards a masked-face mammal she knew.

“Thinking about me?”

Yes...Hang on, wait, what?

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox blinked and looked around herself, finding she was standing in front of a flower shop - specifically, in front of bucket full of freshly cut roses. For some reason the shop was still open, but that was not important. For a second, she thought she heard-

“Red really isn’t your colour.”

She whipped round and drew her pistol - only, she would have, if her pistol was where it should have been. Again, she searched frantically as much for her gun as for the dastardly owner of that voice. Gazing up, she found the former glinting at her in the moonlight as it swayed from the end of a very familiar cane. A dark smile broke across her canine features - that raccoon thought he was so smart.

Intending not to fall for one of his tricks again, she ran down the nearest alley and up the first fire escape to the roof. It was the wrong roof, but hopefully he would not expect her entrance there and she could get one up on him for once. Oddly, thoughts of actually capturing him, as she had set out to do tonight along with any other law breaker roaming the streets, were not on her mind.

It was empty on both roofs. The one she was on was precariously sloping but, lying flat, she could peek over the edge and watch in the shadows - removing her bright yellow jacket to better blend in with the dark slates. The other was conveniently flat with a roof top garden filling most of the space, and it allowed panoramic view of the city with the large moon hanging in the background. The sweet perfume of the petals spilt out into the surrounding area, and she allowed her eyes to droop for just a moment and take it all in - such a lovely setting, and a shame that she had to be on duty instead of enjoying it.

Examining the other roof again, there was still no sign of Sly; only his abandoned cane, holding her pistol on the far side. She waited, wondering how long he was prepared to leave his trusted cane just to bait her. She did not question why he wanted to attract her - it was just part of his game; a product of his freelance lifestyle perhaps so that he could make time to annoy her. She should not have been flattered by the attention, but sometimes, the rascal was so smooth it was hard not to be. But he was just teasing and flirting like he did not really mean anything by it; it was just to disarm her - and besides, he always left her fuming. She still intended to put him in the cells, so being a little flattered by it was not going to get in the way of her job.

She breathed deeply - enjoying the smell of flowers - and released it slowly. Where was he? Maybe she was not very good at this waiting game. Maybe she’d just walked into whatever he’d set out – probably something silly and harmless as usual, and then she would get on with her patrol. No, she doubted she’d catch him tonight - he had her pistol, and that ring tail was quick.

Sighing, she got to her feet and flipped over onto the other side of her roof, and in a single graceful bound she leapt across to the other, feet planting on the wrought iron railing - the hanging baskets swayed but nothing else moved. After a quick evaluation, she climbed down and went for her weapon. Once the gun was in her hand, she took another quick glance around but she was still alone. Strange. There was actually nothing happening, until her pistol was safely back in its holster.

“Lovely evening, Ms Fox.”

He was standing a foot away from her - calm, cool and cocky as always. It did not feel right at the moment to point her paralyzing gun right in his face as he stood there with his arms crossed; maybe if he had been a few meters back…

“What do you want, Sly?” She glowered, “Had enough of a life of crime? Is this your way of asking me to turn you in?”

“Don’t be hasty,” He replied, tilting forward so his blue cap shadowed his eyes just so. “Can’t a guy be with his one and only in Paris, the city of love?”

“One and only, huh?” She sounded dismissive as her hand slowly crept to her holster, and she took one step back.

“What?” He grinned. “Can’t say the same about me? I feel betrayed. Who else have you found who is as charming, intelligent and handsome as me?”

She chose not to respond to that, but it was getting harder to keep a straight face when her chest started to feel tight; she did not even notice he’d moved two steps forward for her one step back. “There are plenty on the right side of the law. I can find one better than you.”

“Your side’s overrated,” He waved his hand to the side and that strange feeling in her chest eased to a more recognizable anger, “And I don’t think you’ll find him.”

“Oh? And why’s that?” She bit back, hand still hovering over her pistol but still not grabbing it.

“Because you are always chasing after me,” He smirked. He was so close now the smell of his wiry fur mingled with the flowers, and all she could see was his twinkling eyes.

She returned her glare to full force and pushed her face into his, this time taking out her gun and pointing it at his chest. “Then how about we finish it tonight?”

“But our unusual courtship is so charming,” He did not flinch; his half-lidded gaze was steady, smug and distracting, and the Eiffel Tower behind him kept reminding her where they were. “Not everyone has a girl willing to do all the chasing in the relationship. Kind of why I fell for you. I thought we would have no commitment issues,” He teased.

“It’s standard cops and robbers, if you’ve ever read the rule book.”

“I’d rather read a fairy tale,” He said, white fangs showing as he gave her a cheeky wink. She replied with an unimpressed look. He got the message, and sighed, “Look, I know I play hard to get and it can be frustrating.” She hmph-ed in agreement, then jumped back when he stepped into the end of her pistol. “But for this moment, let’s just forget about all that...”

He took another step and she tried to swipe at him but he ducked. “Sly, what are you up to?”

He had hold of her wrist and suddenly all she could see was blue - not midnight blue, but the blue of his shirt. She tensed up, not quite believing what was happening. He was hugging her, stroking her thick blue hair and resting his cheek on her head. She should have felt angry; she should have pushed him away but it did not feel wrong. Actually, it felt great, and so warm. The night was rather cold, and she had forgotten her jacket somewhere - much like she’d forgotten she’d dropped her pistol too. She felt him breathe in deep and slow; something about it felt so right that it broke through her wariness and professionalism. Her arms wrapped round his neck naturally and she leaned into him - stress she did not know she had fell away, and she felt lighter and safer than she had ever before. She shouldn’t have felt like this in the arms of a criminal - but even that thought could not pull her away as he wrapped his arms tighter around her, as if letting her go would be the end of the world. Was he still teasing her?


This would be so much simpler if he was a law enforcer. Why did he have to be a thief? He would be such an asset to the force. He was agile, smart and knew how criminals thought - he could be great. She wouldn’t even mind him as a partner. Scratch that - she would make him her partner, because to herself she could admit the thought of him flirting with other girls triggered her short fuse.

“All that I need-“

“What?” She pulled away, immediately regretting the loss of warmth. “What did you just say?”

He just gazed at her - dare she think dreamily - but he was not trying to be charming for once. It was disarming to be looked at like that. “…is all I see in you,” He stated. She did not get it.

“What do you see in me?” she asked, sounding hostile and anxious.

The tone broke whatever spell he was under; he shook his head and she watched him rapidly appraise their closeness and their arms wrapped around each other. It made her do the same - she blushed, and was about to break them apart, but he had other ideas. He leaned forward and his lips touched her forehead, sending shockwaves down to her toes. It was long and slow, and at any time she could have slapped him and got away, but she did not want to - she just hoped this was not going to end up with her looking like a fool again, and having to explain why she was handcuffed to the railing or something equally demeaning.

The kiss ended, and she felt the same sensation of loss and her chest began to hurt again, but that was quickly forgotten as she saw his smug face looking down on her. “Maybe we should do this more often,” He grinned.

She was about to bite back with a cutting remark when the sound of sirens bellowed nearby. Like a trigger he ripped free from her grasp, and in a black flash he disappeared over the rooftop, leaving her alone and frozen in place. Not even a bantering farewell…how sad.

Feeling tired for no reason, she looked about for her pistol and jacket - she found both where the cane had been; obviously he found time to take that with him. Bending down, she noticed something on her jacket - a blue rose. For once, the sight of it proudly standing out from the yellow fabric put a smile on her face, as did the little note it rested on.

Only in Paris.


Sly and Carmelita © Sucker Punch Productions
Story © :iconpocketdreams:
Art © :iconsteppingonstarlight:
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Sly+Carmelita= Best video game couple ever, Hands down
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This is so cute! The colors are so rich and so detailed!
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Just wanna say such a beautiful story really. It was some what hard trying to image in my head a bit when I was reading it. But I think I got it right. It's just the story was just beautifuly thought out and a nice way of showing Sly and Carmelita's affections for each other. And in other words a nicely done detailed pic as I may add. :D
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